Raleigh's police chief shares four new community policing measures at historically Black church

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Tupper Memorial Missionary Baptist Church and Raleigh Police Department came together for its first ever community day of unity on Sunday.

Chief Estella Patterson told the audience RPD is working on four community policing measures.

First, her team engaging more faith-based groups, she calls the foundation to neighborhood safety.

"Please don't stop praying. Don't stop caring. Don't stop loving on our young people," said Chief Patterson.

Second, she wants all of her officers, up to 800 of them, to meet their neighbors in some capacity and often.

It's an effort to rebuild trust and relationships following outrage over police killings last year, sparking demonstrations and tense confrontations with law enforcement-nationwide and here in Raleigh.

Third, RPD wants to expand its business partnerships. Currently the agency works with Advance Auto Parts offering incentives in underserved communities.

"Someone who has a vehicle that has maybe a taillight out or a headlight out or a fog light out, instead of writing them a ticket, RPD can you give them one of these gift cards for Advance Auto Parts," said Patterson.

Deanna and Lavongue Manley are members at Tupper Memorial and work with domestic violence victims and substance abusers.

"I'm really glad that she's here in Raleigh," said Mrs. Manley.

"For a long time we always wanted to bridge the community and law enforcement as well. I think this was a great start today," said Mr. Manley.

Chief Patterson says her fourth measure is to admit when RPD makes mistakes and be more vocal about its successes.

For instance, she mentioned today that the agency just received a grant for de-escalation training.
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