Saint Augustine's transition to online classes amid financial struggles, accreditation loss

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Monday, April 1, 2024
Saint Augustine's University transitions to virtual learning amid financial struggles, accreditation loss
This move came after a tough spring semester on campus.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- This week starts the next chapter for Saint Augustine's University students and staff as the college transitions into virtual learning.

Monday marked the first day of online classes and students were seen moving out of their dorms and leaving campus with packed cars.

Students have shared that some of their professors have already made the switch to online to make it a smoother transition.

This move came after a tough spring semester on campus.

This included the University's financial challenges, where the college's interim president Dr. Marcuss Burgess revealed that the school missed multiple payrolls.

In an exclusive interview with Burgess, he told ABC11 SAU only met payroll once over the last few weeks.

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Interim president Dr. Marcus Burgess admits that the Spring semester of 2024 has been a tough couple of months for the university, especially students.

The university also lost its accreditation appeal. It is currently in the arbitration process, but no word from the school's leaders on where things stand.

The calls for SAU board members to resign have continued.

Now, students say they are in limbo.

A Saint Augustine's freshman spoke with ABC11. He said he is transferring to another university after his spring semester.

A small group of students, including athletes, international students and students working internships, will remain on campus until the commencement ceremony in May.

The school will be making accommodations to provide food service for the remaining students.