Robotexts: Scam text messages on the rise, swindling more money from Americans

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Monday, October 30, 2023
Scam text messages on the rise
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Scam texts are happening more frequently than ever before. Here are some tips to avoid them as well as robocalls.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- If you're getting more and more unwanted spam text messages, you're not alone.

These texts are not only annoying but continue to cost people real money.

"Scammers are kind of taking action and adjusting their scams to be more relevant and unfortunately...Americans are losing more money as a result," Giulia Porter with RoboKiller said.

According to RoboKiller, an app that blocks spam calls and texts, Americans got 12 billion Robotexts just last month, that's a 9% increase from month over month.

The worse news: as we head into the holiday season, the number of spam text messages is expected to increase.

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Porter said it's hard to avoid these calls and texts.

"Scammers are targeting phone numbers at random. They have technology that is auto dialing or auto texting, you know, millions of phone numbers every hour," she said.

The most common Robotext happening right now involves shipping notifications claiming delivery is delayed. Scammers are also pretending to be with banks or big retailers like Amazon and texting supposed fraud alerts about purchases.

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Robocalls are still a problem

While RoboKiller data shows spam calls are down, Americans are losing more money to those calls that do come through. Porter said due to AI technology you need to be very careful what you say during these scam calls.

"So scammers getting access to a couple of your voice snippets -- by prompting you to say hello, or answer at the other end of a call -- they can use your voice to access accounts. By using AI technology that's called a deep fake," Porter said..

With a big election year in 2024, robocalls and texts are expected to get even worse. To try and cut down on spam texts and calls, don't have your phone number associated with your social media accounts. If you get an unwanted call or text, block the number.

Also, make sure your phone number is on the Do Not Call Registry. There are also several apps like RoboKiller and others that will block spam calls. Check with your cell phone provider as many also offer ways to cut down on unwanted calls.