Head of School announces that school is closed with 'Let it Go' parody

PROVIDENCE, R.I. -- A school official decided to have fun with his snow day announcement by making a music video parody of the smash hit musical number, "Let it Go" from Disney's Frozen. And now the video is quickly going viral. Take a look.

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Head of School Matt Glendinning of the Moses Brown School posted the video to the Moses Brown's Twitter account, announcing that school would be closed on Tuesday, Jan. 27. In pure cornball humor reminiscent of Weird Al Yankovic, Glendinning sang his own rendition of the lyrics, encouraging students to enjoy the day off and be safe.

    School is closed
    School is closed
    'Cause it snowed so much last night
    School is closed
    School is closed
    Stay at home and sit tight
    Stay inside
    Or go out and play
    Gonna grab my sled
    The cold never bothered me anyway


    It's time for fires,
    And cocoa, too
    To read an engaging book
    Or two
    Today no Moses Brown for me
    I'm free!

    School is closed
    School is closed
    Because the snow's too deep
    School is closed
    School is closed
    You can stay in bed and sleep!

Fellow teachers and parents of students responded to the video with endearment, and many unrelated with the school shared their appreciation for Glendinning's adorable way of communicating the news.

The Moses Brown School is an independent, college-prep, Quaker day school in Providence, teaching children from nursery age to the 12th grade.

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