'Nails in tires': Shoppers frustrated with ongoing Seaboard station construction, parking

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Thursday, September 8, 2022
Shoppers in frustrated with ongoing Seaboard station construction
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Construction of a Raleigh building is costing shoppers like Paula Davis' son a pretty penny just to come to work each day at Seaboard Station.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's costing Paula Davis' son a pretty penny just to go to work each day at Seaboard Station. Nails in his tire are costing him time and money.

"For the past two and a half weeks I think we changed tires three times. Nails and screws in his tires," said Davis. "He doesn't know, until the morning and he's about to go to work, that his tire is flat when he comes home."

The ongoing construction at Seaboard Station is what shoppers like Davis say is the issue. It is a $300 million dollar development near William Peace University that's making room for street-level retail, residences, a hotel and parking. With fewer parking spaces available, the construction is also causing congestion.

"Not enough spaces. It looks like it's a little more crowded. It's so hard to get around the dump trucks and things like that. There's been some days that was really hard," said shopper Gail Pulley.

She is a regular at Logan's Trading Company picking up a few supplies for her home. Pulley shared what staffers told her about the construction.

"Their computers go down because of what's happening there and they can't help it either," she said. "I've been in there when it's happened."

Another customer Francis Fontaine is a little more welcoming to the idea of construction. Because of the project, she's learned to pack her patience.

"Things are never going to stay exactly the same," she said. "It's not my best trait, but I'm trying."

ABC11 spoke to Hoffman & Associates leading the North Carolina team of the project, they say construction will last until the summer of 2024.

They released this statement to ABC11:

"We are dedicated to providing our tenants and visitors with ongoing updates surrounding the construction for Seaboard Station including changes in traffic patterns and project updates. This regular communication will continue as will the directional signage we have provided for customer convenience" - John Florian, Executive Vice President at Hoffman & Associates leading the North Carolina team