'We're being vigilant': Search continues for gunman responsible for death of Wake County deputy

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Sunday, August 14, 2022
Search continues for gunman responsible for Wake County deputy's death
Searching nonstop, the Wake County Sheriff's Office has more help than before in finding who's responsible for shooting and killing Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Searching nonstop, the Wake County Sheriff's Office has more help than before in finding who is responsible for shooting and killing Wake County Deputy Ned Byrd.

Byrd, 48, was found dead early Friday morning in rural Wake County when the sheriff's office sent out other deputies to check on his welfare.

The K9 deputy was in the area near Battle Bridge Road Thursday night about to head back to the nearby training center before he was found shot multiple times.

Byrd's police dog was found sitting alone inside his patrol vehicle, which to Sheriff Gerald Baker, suggests Byrd was caught off guard.

Saturday, Baker said the SBI and FBI are involved, helping scrutinize dashcam and surveillance video from a business nearby. They're also working to figure out a timeline with Byrd's latest locations and calls.

"Some of the imaging has been more defining and some not," Baker said. "What's going to be really pertinent is we're still waiting for more to come in. We're being patient, vigilant."

Byrd marks the sixth local deputy to be shot in the line of duty in the past month, and second deputy to be killed.

On Aug. 1, Sgt. Matthew Fishman and two other Wayne County deputies were shot while serving involuntary commitment papers. Fishman died the following day.

"Me and my wife continue to pray for the Wayne County deputy, and the Wake County deputy, and their families," Captain Kevin White at the Franklin County Sheriff's Office said.

On Saturday, Back the Blue NC set up in Louisburg to raise money for Fishman's family, but after the latest death on Friday, fundraising efforts included Byrd.

"The family of blue is a very tight family, and every time we lose an officer our hearts break," Lindsay LiCausi said. "To me (assault on officers) seems to be increasing. Six officers is just tremendous. In my opinion, I haven't seen this in a long time."

Without hearing from Byrd before he died, officials are piecing things together while the Wake County Sheriff's Office is kept in thoughts and prayers.

"It's particularly traumatic for those officers, and personnel for Wake County Sheriff's Office," Eddie Caldwell of the NC Sheriffs' Association said. "That's one of the reasons the association takes an active role, is we want to them to know that not only is their office dealing with it, but all the other 99 sheriffs; and their personnel are feeling their pain as well."

For Sheriff Baker, the adrenaline is up as they brace for more results, including possibly finding the killer.

"There's a part of you, that you have to be able to block a lot of things up," Baker said. "But nevertheless, we're still human. We're human beings trained to help other human beings in times of crisis, that's who we are. We're no different, no better. We have emotions, we have feelings, but we're trained to get this job done no matter what."

Baker did not confirm if there's only one suspect but said it will all come together at some point.

"Everyone's coming in to do everything they can," Baker said.