Hired mover ghosts Raleigh grad, makes off with all her possessions

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Friday, September 2, 2022
Raleigh grad missing all of her items after mover ghosts her
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A Raleigh family appears to have unknowingly paid someone $1,200 to steal from them.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- Moving can be frustrating. But if you pay for a mover and never get your things, it can turn into a complete disaster.

This is what happened to a recent college grad when she moved from her school in St. Louis back home to Raleigh.

"We've spent thousands of dollars getting her new furniture and clothing already," her dad David Florence said. He had to replace everything in the move as the mover still hasn't shown up with his daughter's delivery, despite being paid in full.

It started when Florence said he went online to Shiply.com to find a mover. Shiply doesn't do the move itself, instead it connects people to movers willing to do the job.

"I found a mover and he gave me a quote, which was pretty low, but it seems reasonable. He's bonded and he has a million dollars of insurance, according to Shiply, and he's got four stars and they back him up," Florence explained.

The original quote for the mover was $616. However, as soon as the mover arrived for the job, the price nearly doubled.

"I'm not leaving until you pay me in full," Florence said the mover told him over the phone. Through Cash App, Florence paid more than $1,200 to the mover.

The mover then packed up Florence's daughter's things and set off for Raleigh -- or so Florence thought. A few days later, Florence received a text from the mover.

"(The mover) texts me, 'Well, I have some issues; I guarantee I'll be there Tuesday night.'" However, come Tuesday night Florence still had no clue where the mover was or what had happened to his daughter's things.

"I call in the morning and it says the number you've reached has been disconnected. I tell Shiply, they (say they) will send (the mover) a text. It's like, well his numbers disconnected, so a text won't really work," Florence said.

It's now more than two months later and still no word from the mover. All of his daughter's belongings vanished along with the mover.

"She had all of her clothes stolen. She only had one pair of flip-flops, one pair of shoes, three shirts, and one pair of shorts which is all she had, so I had to buy all new stuff."

Florence contacted police in Missouri which is where the move started and police are investigating. A police report said officers found the mover's truck, which was rented and already returned, but they haven't been able to get in touch with the mover.

Troubleshooter Diane Wilson got in touch with Shiply who said it will only work with Florence, but he says the company is not helping. The mover never responded to Wilson.

When it comes to protecting your move, research is key. You can't just go by a good deal, because remember, you're trusting the mover with your possessions. Also, get everything in writing, which includes who is doing the move, a pick-up and delivery date, and see if the price of the move is guaranteed or can go up.

When it comes to Florence's daughter's goods, he says he knows they will probably not ever get them back. He says he's taking court action to try and recoup the money lost. He did pay Shiply with a credit card and disputed the charge which remember, paying with credit always gives you the best protection.