3 masked teens jump on school bus, shoot at 14-year-old boy's head, beat him after gun misfires

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Friday, May 5, 2023
3 masked teens jump on school bus, shoot at 14-year-old boy's head
3 masked teens jumped on a PG County, Maryland school bus and shot at 14-year-old boy's head before beating him after the gun misfired, police said.

PRINCE GEORGE'S COUNTY, Md. -- Three masked teens jumped on a school bus in Maryland on Monday afternoon and targeted a 14-year-old boy --- the last remaining student on the bus, WJLA reported.

One of the masked teens pointed a gun at the boy and pulled the trigger three times.

Three times, the gun didn't fire. Police later found three live rounds on the Prince George's County bus.

"This was an attempted murder, plain and simple. Call it what it is," said Martin Diggs, head of the bus drivers' union.

Diggs describes a ruthless attack.

"They pulled the trigger three times, but for some reason, by the grace of God, the gun didn't go off and bullets flew out of the gun," Diggs said.

It happened late Monday afternoon on a school bus carrying students home from the Prince George's County Alternative Middle School in Suitland.

Multiple sources confirm the bus' onboard video system recorded the whole attack, including a point-blank attempt to shoot the middle schooler in the head.

When the gun didn't fire after three tries, the attackers physically beat the 14-year-old boy. When the attackers ran off, the driver moved the bus to a safe area.

"We are outraged as a district. Horrified that this incident did occur," said Charoscar Coleman, Associate Superintendent of Prince George's County Public Schools.

Coleman is urging students, faculty, families and staff to "see something, say something," to report brewing problems.

"Our priority remains providing a safe and orderly environment for our students. That is during school and also to and from school," said Coleman.

The head of the drivers' union wants more security. He said the driver and aide thought they were going to be killed.

A Prince George's County Police Department spokesperson said they're actively seeking the attackers.

WJLA has requested the school bus video. So far, we're being told it can't be released. We have not been able to learn the extent of the 14-year-old victim's injuries.