DHA hopes to have McDougald Terrace residents home mid-February

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- There remain 280 families displaced from the McDougald Terrace public housing complex.

The Durham Housing Authority is hopeful it will have these families back in their homes mid-February. The DHA said displaced residents will not have to pay rent for the month of February.

Relocation is costing DHA $1.3 million. The upgrades to these units are costing $4.3 million

"The funding that we're using to pay for all work and all relocation efforts is what's called a Capital Fund," DHA CEO Anthony Scott said. "As I mentioned in previous updates that is approximately $7.5 million that we have in the capital fund. We are applying for emergency capital fund dollars through HUD that will replace the dollars that we are expending now."

Scott said he is optimistic that he'll get the funding.

This is the second day of crews unloading new appliances and removing the old heaters and gas stoves.

This week, contractors will exterminate and focus on fixing any mechanical, plumbing and ventilation issues.

Next week, electric stoves will be installed in kitchens.

All the units at McDougald Terrace have been inspected for carbon monoxide.

Only 38 apartments are occupied as of Tuesday.

DHA also said that no evictions will be filed for January for McDougald and all its public housing properties in Durham.
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