Duke graduate develops new 'selfie' app

What do you do with all the selfies you take? There's probably a bunch on your smartphone, but you may feel funny posting too many on Instagram or Facebook.

A recent Duke graduate created a new app that lets you show off those great selfies without shame.

Selfies are taken almost everywhere these days from the gym to a night out with friends.

"That's human nature, you want to show people what you're doing, cool things, and there isn't always a photographer around to capture those moments," said app creator Sam Waters.

Waters said people have so many selfies they haven't posted because they feel embarrassed to post them on social media. So, Waters created an app just for selfies.

"You're not trying to be vain about it, you're just showing great moments that are happening in your life in a really convenient way," Waters explained.

The app is called "Ego" and it's intended to be used only for selfies. It's a free app in the App Store.

You create a username and one word to describe yourself, and then start posting. You have a feed and people can see what you post, and they 'Boost your Ego' if they like your picture.

"Sure, it's a self-centered thing," Waters said. "But at the end of the day, it's a really convenient way to show what's going on around you."

Waters says there will be no more shame in taking selfies, or embarrassment in posting them to social media.

"On Ego, you can create a portfolio of these images and create a storybook of your life."

An update to the app is coming soon that will allow you to invite your friends to Ego.

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