Treasure trove of stunning images come to light from new NASA data

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020
Stunning new pictures from NASA shows vibrant stars, galaxies
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These spectular new images show data from several sources, including a powerful telescope.

Some striking glances into space can be a humbling reminder of the wonders within the universe in which we live.

NASA just released cosmic images created with data from numerous sources, including the Chandra x-ray observatory, which contains an extremely powerful telescope.

These views of stars, galaxies and planetary nebulas aren't visible to the human eye.

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These composite shots include the galaxy messier 82 and the planetary nebula helix nebula. The Abell 2744 galaxy cluster, Supernova 1987A and Cartwheel Galaxy are also part of the gallery.

In 2000, a neutron star was discovered by high school students who compiled data from the chandra x-ray telescope. In July, Comet Neowise was visible in Raleigh.

For more Chandra images, multimedia, check out NASA's website.

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