Seeing spiderwebs in the sky lately? There's an explanation for that, according to experts

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Friday, October 6, 2023
Here's why you're seeing spiderwebs in the sky, according to experts
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A seasonal baby spider phenomenon known as "ballooning" is happening, causing people across the country to notice spiderwebs in the sky.

Many people across the country a are reporting a creepy sight, seen falling from the sky.

"I woke up this morning. Go out to the back deck, drinking a cup of coffee, and I look at the moon and the moon. There's a strand of white going across it and I'm thinking that is weird," said one viewer.

You heard it right. What he was referring to are spider web-looking strands, and just in time for the start of October.

Countless webs were being spotted falling on the west coast and other parts of the the United States.

There's actually an interesting biological reason behind it. Insect experts do confirm they are spider web clumps, woven in a balloon shape. They say this phenomenon happens during this time of the year across the country -- something they called "ballooning."

"What it is, is these little spiderlings -- baby spiders -- and when the conditions are right, they will release a bunch of silk, and they will fly off to different locations," says expert Kirsten Pearsons.

Experts say there's nothing to be alarmed about.

There are about 50,000 spider species on the planet and this is just part of the normal spider lifecycle.