Many options are closed, but Apex golf camp for kids is in full swing

APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- At just 12 years old, Mackenzie Lally stole the show at camp, hitting her very first hole-in-one on Hole 21 at Knights Play Golf Center in Apex.

"It was very exciting," Mackenzie said. "This week has been full of emotions. It's been amazing."

It's something not even the golf director has been able to match.

"Really cool," Robert Schwarz, the director of golf programs at Knights Play, said. "I've been playing golf for 44 years and never hit a hole-in-one, and she had one, so it's really nice."

Schwarz is thankful to be able to keep camps open during Phase 2 of COVID-19 reopening so that youngsters like Mackenzie can experience these moments.

"I think this is very good because they've been stuck at home for two, three-plus months now and especially out here," he said. "They're outdoors all day practicing social distancing and they get to see friends and enjoy themselves."

Mackenzie is happy for the summer outlet.

"It's very exciting because there are a lot of camps that can't open because of COVID, but it's good that there are some camps that can open," she said.

The camp is open to children ages 6-15 and is designed to teach them the fundamentals of the game while creating a competitive mind.

"My grandad was doing it, my dad played, my mom played," Mackenzie said. "A lot of people in my family play golf, so it made me want to play golf."

Schwarz takes satisfaction in nurturing a love of the game.

"The kids keep me young," Schwarz said. "I love it. Over the years -- this is my fourth year here -- I've built so many relationships with the kids. It's just good to see them grow up and continue golf."
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