Breaking down the 2023 McDonald's All American girls' basketball recruits

ByShane Laflin ESPN logo
Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Twenty-four of the top 32 prospects in the espnW 100 have been named McDonald's All Americans.Arizona, Notre Dame, LSU, South Carolina and UConnlead the way with each program having signed two of the McDonald's All Americans in the 2023 class.

Let's break down each player, their development, what makes them stand out from the rest of the players in the country, and what they will bring to their respective college programs:

Kamorea Arnold, PG

Signed with: UConn| 2023 espnW 100 ranking: 6

Germantown HS (Wisconsin)

Arnold is an intense, physical and energetic point guard who sets the tone defensively with ball pressure. She excels in the open court with her speed and ability to push the ball and change pace, which creates instant offense and leads to paint touches and opportunities at the rim. Over her high school career, she improved her perimeter shooting, which has added a new dynamic to her game. She brings the hate-to-lose mentality that is requisite for the elite at the next level. Arnold is averaging 23.2 points, 6.8 rebounds, and 7.4 assists per game this season.

Sofia Bell, W

Signed with: Oregon| 2023 espnW 100 ranking: 26

Jesuit HS (Oregon)

Bell has a shooter's mentality in that she is very confident when she lets the ball fly. She has proven to be clutch and has become more than a shooter over the last year as she expanded her game to attack in transition off the dribble and get to the rim more. Bell has great size (6-foot-1) and length at the guard position and is averaging 19.2 points, 4.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists per game.

Madison Booker, W

Signed with: Texas|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 12

Germantown HS (Mississippi)

Booker is a matchup problem with her versatility and ability to knock down the 3-point shot both in catch-and-shoot situations and off the dribble either in transition or as she creates space for herself. She is one of the hybrid forwards that can be utilized to initiate and facilitate the offense. This opens the floor up and allows teammates better driving angles and less defensive help to confront. Her feel for the game, coupled with her passing and floor vision, make her fun to watch. We have seen her grow over time in her intensity and physicality on the boards. Booker is a two-time gold medalist with USA Basketball: U16 at FIBA Americas in 2021 and U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022, where she started all seven games.

Zoe Brooks, G

Signed with:NC State|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 9

St. John Vianney HS (New Jersey)

Brooks is a gifted scorer who can flat out put the ball in the basket. Over the past 18 months, she has really gone to work on her conditioning and it brought her game to another level. She is a true three-level scorer. Defenses must be there on the close out, but containing Brooks is no easy feat as she attacks angles, changes speeds, and has the footwork and handle to counter. Her strength allows her to finish with contact at the rim and her touch provides an array of floaters and usage of the glass for buckets. Brooks sees the floor well and zips passes to teammates for open looks. Defensively, she has fantastic instincts and is good in passing lanes and in the press. Brooks is averaging 24 points, 6.5 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game this season.

Addyson Brown, W

Signed with: Iowa State|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 31

Derby HS (Kansas)

Brown is a utility forward who can fill any hole on the floor. A physical rebounder who can stretch the floor to the 3, she is one of those players that is somewhat position-less. Defensively, Brown can guard from the perimeter to an inside post player, something she was tasked to do all summer with her club squad. The most outstanding quality of her game may be her passing -- her teams can run the offense through her and she is often the best decision-maker on the floor. She will grab a rebound and ignite the break or throw a touchdown-like outlet pass to a teammate running the floor. Over the past year, she has gotten more aggressive offensively, and it has taken her game to a new level. She led her Team Lex squad this summer to the adidas 3SSB championship. Her sister, Kennedy, was a 2019 McDonald's All American and plays for Duke. The Iowa State signee is averaging 20 points, 10 rebounds, and four assists while shooting 55% from the field this season.

Essence Cody, P

Signed with:Alabama|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 22

Valdosta HS (Georgia)

Cody is what many likely consider to be an old-school power forward. She is physical inside and battles on the boards as well as being a solid screener and rim-runner. What has really matured in her game over the last few months is her conditioning, motor and mobility. Skill-wise, she has added the 3-ball and quality decision making and defensive reads, which has added to her versatility. Alabama has a really good class coming in and Cody is the crown jewel. She averages 17 points, 12.2 rebounds, and 4.5 blocks per game this season.

Breya Cunningham, P

Signed with: Arizona|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 14

La Jolla Country Day (California)

In a time where we are seeing fewer true bigs who operate on the block, Cunningham still provides that domination down low. She carves out space on the block for post-ups and easy touches inside. She has great hands and an advantageous high release when she gets the ball inside. Cunningham, who's 6-4, has a nice touch out to the high post area and is patient and deliberate on the floor. She operates well in the pick-and-roll and finds the angles to receive the pass on her way to the rim. She has shown marked improvement and willingness to finish with her left hand over the last year, which opens up more opportunities for her to contribute. As she learns the demands of the nuances of defense at the next level, her game will continue to grow. Cunningham is a two-time gold medalist with USA Basketball: U16 at FIBA Americas in 2021 and U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022, where she led the team in rebounding and double-doubles.

Aalyah Del Rosario, P

Signed with:LSU|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 7

The Webb School (Tennessee)

Del Rosario is another old-school big. She contributes primarily from the low block and by clogging up the paint defensively. The thing that really separates her is her passing ability and court vision. She has shown a particular knack for passing out of double-teams to cutters or skipping the ball to open shooters. Del Rosario is quite mobile for her size (6-5) and has the ability to knock down the 3-ball in the slot. She has improved her energy level and as she adds strength and core work at the next level, expect to see her bring more to the floor. Del Rosario was a member of the U18 FIBA Americas team who won gold in 2022. She led the team in rebounds at 7.8 rebounds a game.

Jadyn Donovan, G

Signed with: Duke|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 3

Sidwell Friends School (Washington, D.C.)

Donovan's agility and leaping ability allow her to make plays that many others simply cannot. She fills a lot of holes defensively with her sense of anticipation and nose for the ball. She has made some pretty incredible rebounds and weakside blocks by leaping in from out of the area to make spectacular plays. Donovan is a hard matchup offensively because she is hard to keep off of the offensive glass and not many opponents can rise with her to challenge her jump shot. Over the last season, she is showing more of a willingness to shoot the 3-ball, but that is still in progress. Donovan complements her shear athleticism and slashing ability with court vision and quality passing. Simply put, she makes winning plays. Donovan is a two-time gold medalist with USA Basketball: U16 at FIBA Americas in 2021 and U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022, where she led the team with a 60.4% FG percentage.

Milaysia Fulwiley, PG

Signed with: South Carolina|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 13

W. J. Keenan HS (South Carolina)

Fulwiley is arguably the most entertaining player in the country with the ball in her hands. She has it on a rope and can shake and dance against any defender. She is dynamic in the open court and has a knack for making the spectacular play. Fulwiley is a fantastic finisher at the rim and it is hard for defenses to keep her from getting there. Couple that with her rangy 3-point attempts, and you have a matchup problem. She wants the clutch moments and the end-of-game shots. Dawn Staley has a history of taking extremely talented play-making guards and teaching them how to run a team full of talent, and Fulwiley is next in line. Fulwiley is averaging 29.3 points, 10.6 rebounds, and 5.6 assists per game this season.

Hannah Hidalgo, PG

Signed with: Notre Dame|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 5

Paul VI HS (New Jersey)

If there is something on the basketball court worth competing for, count Hidalgo in. Once inside the lines for the tip, she is all go, all the time. End-to-end, Hidalgo may be the fastest guard in the country and she is almost impossible to guard off the dribble with single coverage. Between her sophomore and junior year, she really went to work on her perimeter shooting and now that she is a legitimate threat from downtown, she is essentially an impossible cover 1-on-1. She finishes well against contact, has a package of floater options, and can get hot from the 3. Defensively, the opposing point guard will feel the heat of constant pressure. Hidalgo is a gold medalist from the U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022.

Kymora Johnson, G

Signed with: Virginia|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 24

St. Anne's-Belfield HS (Virginia)

In what will be remembered a one of the most historic shoe circuit championships ever, Johnson this summer led her West Virginia Thunder team through four overtimes to the win in the Under Armour championship. Johnson is a supremely skilled guard with incredibly deep range. She is poised and mature on the floor and her most outstanding quality is she makes everyone else better. Johnson makes the right reads at the right times and makes things happen. Known for her dedication to development, Johnson has turned herself into one of the best in the country. She is averaging 21.5 points, 7.8 rebounds, and 5.8 assists while shooting 59% from the field, including 46% from 3-point range.

Tessa Johnson, G

Signed with: South Carolina |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 25

Saint Michael Albertville (Minnesota)

Johnson can flat out shoot the basketball. You name it -- mid-range pull up, open 3, transition jumper -- she is a threat from everywhere on the floor. She has a smooth fundamental game and that consistent production keeps opponents completely focused on her at all times. She complements her ability to score with her decision-making and facilitation on the floor. She battled an injury for part of her junior year of high school and came back to have an impactful summer and senior season, including a 51-point performance in December. Johnson will bring much needed perimeter shooting to Dawn Staley and South Carolina in another loaded class.

Amanda Muse, P

Signed with: UCLA|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 32

Heritage HS (California)

Muse is a mobile, agile and long post player who has a great motor and never stops working. She does a great job of blocking shots without fouling and gets down in stance and keeps smaller players in front with her defensive footwork and discipline. Muse is relentless on the glass and is a tough block-out as she goes for offensive boards. She has a nice touch out to the high post area and beyond. Over time, she has improved her strength and low block ability -- from mostly jump hooks and turn-around jumpers to drop-step power finishes as well. Muse is averaging 15.1 points, 11.4 rebounds, and 3.9 blocks per game this season.

Riley Nelson, W

Signed with: Maryland|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 18

Bullis School (Maryland)

Nelson is a tall (6-foot), long guard with range and 3-level scoring ability. There were times during the Nike EYBL and USA Basketball Trials where she made a strong case for the top shooter on the floor. She has always had a sweet stroke, but over the past couple of years added the footwork improvements and the strength and physicality to make a competitive mark on each game she plays. Her confidence really grew this summer and she knocked down shots and scored with ease. Nelson is averaging 16.8 points, 11.7 rebounds, and 2.4 assists per game this season.

Courtney Ogden, W

Signed with: Stanford|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 10

Westminster School (Georgia)

Ogden is the epitome of versatility on the perimeter. She is skilled enough to facilitate offense as well as put the ball in the hole in bunches. She has a strong frame and at times even is tasked with making plays in the middle of zones as a forward. Ogden has a smooth pull-up jump shot and stretches the defense to the 3. She makes the right plays and brings a leadership and calm intangible to the floor that leads to winning. She helps make others better. It will be interesting to see how coach Tara VanDerveer utilizes her talent at Stanford. Ogden is averaging 21.3 points, 9.2 rebounds, and 3 assists per game this season.

Laila Reynolds, G

Signed with: Florida|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 19

Shabach Christian Academy (Maryland)

Reynolds is a pure scorer. She always has excelled in the up-tempo pressing style of play, but over the last year has really refined her overall fundamental skills. She is a big guard (6-0) who can create off the bounce, is efficient with her dribbles, can post up, and can knock down the 3-ball. Reynolds proved this spring she is committed to the little things -- defensive rotation and rebounding on both ends, making the extra pass, as well as create for others. She will excel in Kelly Finley's open system at Florida.

Emma Risch, G

Signed with: Notre Dame |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 20

Palm Bay Magnet HS (Florida)

Notre Dame is getting a knock-down shooter. Risch is known to catch fire from the 3-point line and has had multiple games this year of five-plus 3-point makes. Risch has a great feel for the game which allows her to know the finer details of reading screens and timing of when to relocate to get open opportunities. It is to her advantage that as a major focus of the defense, she can use that gravity to pull and manipulate defenders as she creates for teammates. She is a big guard (6-1) with a crafty handle that complements her shooting with a touch for floaters and finishing in the paint. Risch is averaging 24 points, 7.6 rebounds, and 4.7 assists per game this season.

Taliah Scott, G

Signed with: Arkansas|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 11

St. John's Country Day School (Florida)

Scott is another pure scorer in this 2023 class and she can do it in droves. She may be the best in the class in creating her own shot from the perimeter off the bounce. She is always on balance and she shifts, changes tempo, and utilizes the hesitation well ... and once she sets her feet with a sliver of space, she is in rhythm. Scott is a 3-level scorer with supreme confidence and will flourish in the open system of Mike Neighbors at Arkansas. She is a volume shooter and scorer now, and we look for her efficiency to increase in college. Scott is averaging a blistering 37.4 points per game this season.

Ashlynn Shade, G

Signed with: UConn |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 15

La Lumiere School (Indiana)

Shade set herself apart with her work ethic a long time ago. She has a reputation for being a gym rat, working on her skills or through strength and conditioning improvements. She brings a certain seriousness and intensity to the floor that proves she is all about competing while in between the lines. Shade has a pretty jump shot and truly elevates when she gets to her spots. She has proven over the last year to be able to provide some minutes at the lead guard or off-guard spots, and she has improved her 3-point shooting as well. Shade elevates well on her takes to the rim and relishes contact for the and-one opportunities. She and fellow UConn signee and All-American KK Arnold will bring a certain physicality on the perimeter to Storrs for Geno Auriemma. She is averaging 28.9 points, 10.2 rebounds, and 4.1 assists per game this season.

Judea Watkins, G

Signed with: USC|2023 espnw 100 ranking: 1

Sierra Canyon (California)

The No. 1 player in this year's class is a trend setter. She excels beyond all expectations on the court and is breaking barriers off the court. It does not hurt that she attends the same high school as the children of Hollywood celebrities and famous NBA players and they have all taken notice -- the list of attendees of the Sierra Canyon games looks like an A-list music awards show and a who's who of social media fame. There is nothing Watkins cannot do on the basketball court. She gets end to end about as fast as any player in the country. As a big guard (6-0), her pull-up jumper is automatic and her 3-point shot is deadly as well. Watkins has gotten quicker and faster and finds herself among the elite in any class when compared historically. She committed to the defensive end of the floor as well as rebounding, and she truly set herself apart. Along with Mikaylah Williams in this class, she has a pro projection that should allow her to play for many years to come at a very high level. Watkins is a two-time gold medalist with USA Basketball: U16 at FIBA Americas in 2021 and U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022, where she led the team in scoring at 13.1 points per game.

Jada Williams, PG

Signed with: Arizona |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 21

La Jolla Country Day (California)

Williams has been a recognizable name in this class since she was in middle school. She garnered early attention for her ball-handling skills and overall charisma. She has leveraged that into being one of the early pioneers in the high school space for the newly developing name, image and likeness opportunities for student athletes. Before her junior year, she transferred from Missouri to California's La Jolla Country Day. On the court, she excels as a true point guard. Williams is solid in the pick-and-roll game as she makes reads and delivers dimes. The range on her shot keeps defenses honest and she is not afraid of the big moment. She and fellow All American and high school teammate Breya Cunningham are headed to Arizona to play for Adia Barnes. Williams is a two-time gold medalist with USA Basketball: U16 at FIBA Americas in 2021 and U17 at the FIBA World Cup in 2022.

Mikaylah Williams, G

Signed with: LSU |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 2

Parkway HS (Louisiana)

There are elite players in every class, respectively. Williams is one of those players who is the elite of the elite, in any class. The race for No. 1 was a tight one and it is more like No. 1A and No. 1B in this 2023 class -- take your pick or take your preference in a given matchup. Williams is a strong-framed guard who can both lead the offense or be a straight bucket- getter. She creates off the dribble to the rim and for a hint of space for the jumper. She is a 3-level scorer and thrives against contact. She is an elite defender -- both on the ball and in help situations and passing lanes. She rebounds well and her court vision is hard to compare. It is safe to say Williams has pro potential, even this early. Do not be surprised if she logs minutes at the point for Kim Mulkey and LSU during her time there. Williams is a three-time gold medalist from the 2022 U17 FIBA World Cup and 2021 FIBA 3x3 World Cup as well as the 2022 FIBA 3x3 World Cup.

Sahara Williams, W

Signed with: Oklahoma |2023 espnw 100 ranking: 23

Waterloo West HS (Iowa)

A stat-stuffer who leaves an imprint all over the floor and in several statistical categories, Williams has added to her game by improving her changes in tempo and her ability to break defenders down off the dribble. She sprints the lanes competitively and is able to get to the rim or catch and shoot the 3. She puts a lot of pressure on the ball defensively and is a terror in the passing lanes. Williams moves well without the ball and has a great fundamental feel for the game. Oklahoma plays an up-tempo and spaced system and it is easy to believe she will be successful there for coach Jennie Baranczyk. She is averaging 19.8 points, 10 rebounds, and 4.7 assists and is shooting 52.6% from the field.