Game of the Week: Riverside Pirates wins against the Cary Imps, 29-27

DURHAM, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Riverside High School Pirates remain unbeaten after taking down the Cary High's Imps 29-27 Friday night in ABC11's Game of the Week.

Cary was looking to be the first team to dethrone Riverside this season.

First-quarter, Landin Sledge stepped back and launched a 42-yard touchdown pass to Devin Smith, leaving the Pirates 7-0.

Second-quarter, Cary taking over, Andrew Smith, fakes a right to get away from the blocker, running it straight ot the endzone, Imps lead 21-7 at the break.

Riverside made a comeback, down 27-21 to Cary. Sledge passed to Smith, this time with a 14-yard touchdown pass. The pirates would miss the field goal and trail 27-26.

Pirates went for the field goad leading Riverside to a 29-27 win over Cary, remaining unbeaten at home.
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