Wake County Kindergarten teacher, mother killed in crash

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Saturday, February 24, 2024
Wake County Kindergarten teacher, mother killed in crash
Beaverdam Elementary School teacher, Rita Spensser, died Tuesday in a crash in Clayton

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- A school community is grieving after the loss of a Kindergarten teacher in Raleigh.

Beaverdam Elementary School teacher, Rita Spensser, was killed in a crash Tuesday in Clayton, according to Beaverdam Principal, Stacie McGuirt.

McGuirt wrote a letter to parents following Spensser's death:

"Our condolences, thoughts, and prayers go out to her family and friends. Please keep all of those that have been impacted by this loss in your hearts. We want to honor Rita's family and be respectful of their needs of privacy at this time."

The school is offering resources to students and families impacted by Spensser's death.

"Our student services team continues to be available to support any students who need assistance as they move through this difficult time. We are a school family and we will continue to support one another as we process this loss and navigate this challenging time together," McGuirt added.

"She's the person that comes in a room and lights it up," said Bumper Spensser.

Bumper married Rita in 2017, creating a blended family of six. A loving group who loved weekend trips to the beach and mountains, creating memories for a lifetime. Now, the wife, mother, and educator will live on in their hearts.

"This could happen to anyone. She was the sweetest most loving person I've ever known. The best person I've ever known. She didn't deserve what happened to her," said Bumper.

According to the State Highway Patrol, Rita was turning left onto Castle Berry from Highway 42, when another car collided with hers.

"I got to the hospital. I had about 20 minutes left with her but, she never woke up," said Bumper. "Stayed with her for a long time after she passed and just tried to comprehend what was going on because, you know, my life was completely shattered at that moment.

The 20-year-old driver was charged with speeding and careless driving.

Bumper spoke to her class and received a token of love from the Beaverdam Elementary School staff and students.

"She loved teaching, she was born to teach," he said.

Community support has been a saving grace. The 'GoFundMe' surpassed the goal, with messages like, "My daughter is one of the students in her class and adores her teacher. She always says Mrs. Spensser is her other favorite mom."

It is an example that highlights the impact she had on so many lives - a legacy of kindness that will live on.

"I want to say thank you in my heart, it shows there's still some humanity left out there," said Bumper.

The family will have a private ceremony on Saturday. Bumper said the family wants to have a public memorial for everyone who knew Rita; and invite everyone who knew her while teaching at Wendell Elementary School and Beaverdam Elementary School.