Coronavirus NC: Business is buzzing for Pittsboro entrepreneur as barbers, salons are closed

PITTSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- Josh Esnard has turned his home office into a packing center. The Pittsboro entrepreneur, along with his wife and young son, is filling out labels and placing products in envelopes. He is now making six trips a week to his local post office. His invention has become incredibly popular during the pandemic, as barbershops and hair salons are closed.

Esnard invented The Cut Buddy. It works as a stencil for someone trying to clean up their hairline or beard at home.

"I enjoy that the fact we can send something that helps people that has a need and it doesn't make them take that chance to travel outside of their house," he said.

Esnard is getting about 230 orders a day on Amazon and the online mega-retailer has deemed him an "essential business."

You might have first heard about the product in 2017. Esnard went on ABC's Shark Tank and got the financial boost he needed to take his invention to the next level.

Esnard is trying to give back to other professionals, who saw sales evaporate under efforts to combat COVID-19.

"Sadly, the reason why we're booming so much is people can't go to the barbershops and salons," he said.

He's hired about 50 barbers and is having them create social media content in an exchange for a small check.

"I know we're not replacing their salary, but at least we're giving them some kind of income to be able to buy some groceries or something," Esnard said.
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