Plants provide new hobby, outlet for creativity during COVID-19 pandemic

Thursday, July 23, 2020
Plenty of people fostering a green thumb during COVID-19 pandemic
Sales at The Zen Succulent have been decent since the pandemic started with plenty of people fostering a green thumb.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Megan Cain owns The Zen Succulent in both Durham and Raleigh.

She says online and in-store sales have been decent since the pandemic started. Plenty of people have fostered a green thumb.

"Greenery provides so much for us...mental health, by caring for something other than yourself, even as simply as productivity and even oxygen levels which is what they are made for," Cain said in a Facetime interview.

Not everyone has the yard space to bring that greenery to reality. Megan says don't fear - there are plenty of tips and tricks to bring the outside in, even in small spaces like townhomes, condos, and apartments.

She suggests considering a living landscape or a terrarium.

"You can put succulents in there, ferns and tropical plants in there, or even something as non-traditional as air plants."

Cain says tropical plants are lovely for indoor spaces and says that small space plant enthusiasts should focus on plants that work well in low light.

Cain also challenges those started to build their indoor plant space to consider their style.

"Plants have a variety of different colors, patterns, shapes and textures, so explore that with the environment that you have in your home."

Plants, Cain says, are also an excellent and cost-effective way to gift give: buy a plant and as it grows, take cuttings, have the plant root, and gift.

Dr. Jonathan Livingston is a professor of psychology at North Carolina Central University. ABC11 was not able to set up a Facetime interview with him, but did correspond over email about the mental health benefits of having plants and a gardening space. He suggested reading this article from Psychology Today.