Troubleshooter gets results for Fayetteville soldier who was denied insurance coverage after crash

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WTVD) -- Car accidents are frustrating on their own, and it became even more frustrating for one Fayetteville driver after he was denied coverage from an insurance company.

Claude Nicholas is a soldier in Fayetteville who got into a car accident just outside his neighborhood. He said another driver ran right into his vehicle.

"He came down the yellow lane and just smacked me on my left side," Claude said.

At the scene of the accident, police investigated the incident and according to the police report, found the other driver at fault, issuing them a ticket.

Claude said after the accident he contacted the other driver's insurance company, Geico, right away. After Geico investigated, Claude said they agreed to cover the medical expenses, but not the damage to his vehicle. They claimed that Claude was partially at fault for the accident.

"By the information on Google Maps I was at fault because I had a stop sign, "Claude said, "I was like I waited at the stop sign and I was clear to go."

Claude said they told him, "If you're at one percent fault for the accident you are reliable for your own damages."

He said he saw a problem with Geico's stance. "I was like well if he got cited for the accident why would I be at any fault for it, as I would have gotten a ticket for it?" Claude asked.

Claude filed a complaint with the North Carolina Department of Insurance but said Geico still refused to cover his loss.

That's when he got in touch with the ABC11 Troubleshooter. "I'm going to fight for what's right," Claude said.

After ABC11 emailed Geico, they got in touch with Claude right away, and have now agreed to pay Claude for the loss of his totaled car.

"I'm really happy with the outcome of the situation," Claude said after things got sorted out.

Geico sent ABC11 this statement:

We have reviewed the case further and have made arrangements to pay the claimant for damages to the vehicle. Thank you for giving us time to give this a thorough review.
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