TSA confiscates 2 loaded guns at Raleigh-Durham Airport

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Friday, December 9, 2016
Raleigh Durham International Airport
Raleigh Durham International Airport

RALEIGH-DURHAM INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (WTVD) -- Transportation Security Administration officers stopped two people from bringing loaded guns on board planes at Raleigh-Durham International Airport this week.

Officials confiscated one loaded handgun at the TSA Precheck Checkpoint on Wednesday and one on Thursday morning. Both passengers were questioned and cited.

TSA officials have caught 49 firearms at RDU in 2016, compared to 30 in 2015.

Authorities said anyone caught with a firearm loses Precheck benefits for two years. The entire screening lane must be shut down for law enforcement, as well, delaying other passengers' security check-in.

"Passengers are permitted to travel with firearms in checked baggage if they are unloaded, packed in a hard-side case, locked, and packed separately from ammunition. Then the firearm must be taken to the airline check-in counter for proper firearm declaration procedures," TSA said in a news release Thursday.

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