California university will pay students to avoid traveling for spring break

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Tuesday, March 9, 2021
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UC Davis says it will pay students who do not travel for spring break amid the coronavirus.

DAVIS, California -- One university in California is so set on encouraging students to stay in town for spring break amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, they're willing to pay them.

As part of a city-campus partnership, UC Davis students could get a $75 Spring Break Grant if they agree to stay in town and not travel during the time period.

Spring break is March 22 - 25.

"We're trying to give the students a positive experience during this period of time by offering these incentives," UC Davis' Melissa Blouin told KXTV.

If a student is interested in getting the money, here's what needs to happen.

Students have to submit a proposal and formal application to be considered for the Spring Break Grants.

"One of them is called a Get Active grant, another one is Get Artsy. A home improvement grant, and then a Let's Stay In grant, and each of those is linked to a different business within the Davis community where students who receive the grant can pick up a gift card at the store location," Blouin explained.

There is a link, but it must be accessed through a student's UC Davis Google account.

Blouin says they've received a lot of interest.