Downtown Raleigh rebounding from the pandemic as 4 new businesses open their doors

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Friday, June 11, 2021
4 new businesses open their doors in downtown Raleigh
25 new businesses have opened and 23 established spots have reopened their doors since the beginning of the year.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- A wave of new businesses are opening doors this week in Downtown Raleigh. Four spots opened as the city continues rebounding from the pandemic.

Urban Pothos has a vast selection of indoor plants and will open Saturday.

Owner Jose Harvey left behind a job as a travel blogger during the pandemic and followed a dream to open the shop.

"We're expecting a ton of people here. We've had overwhelming response on social media and there's a huge houseplant community here in Raleigh anyway," said Harvey.

Downtown Raleigh businesses excited for return of Raleigh bluegrass festival without capacity limits

Artist Taylor White is hosting a pop-up solo exhibition at a Hargett Street storefront beginning Saturday and, on the same day, Libations 317 will start serving food to customers.

The speakeasy The Merchant officially began welcoming customers earlier this week.

Owner Jon Seelbinder feels encouraged by an increase in Downtown Raleigh foot traffic.

Big events are back, but are Raleighites ready to make a return?

"The world keeps coming alive. We keep tracking in the right direction and people are excited about what's coming online," he said.

The Downtown Raleigh Alliance says progress has been made since the start of the year. Twenty-five new businesses have opened and 23 established spots have reopened their doors.