Texas dad proud of 'valedictorian' and 'NOT valedictorian' sons

CYPRESS, Texas -- A Texas dad may or may not have admitted to having a favorite child after putting up these graduation signs on his front lawn.

The signs have turned some heads and generated quite the buzz on Twitter.

One of the signs shows a picture of Ryan Parappuram with the word "Valedictorian" proudly emblazoned under his picture.

The other sign showed Ryan's older brother Justin--although not is as reverent of a light. Justin's sign showcased the words "NOT Valedictorian."

"My dad swears he doesn't have a favorite," a tweet by Justin reads.

But don't worry. This sign is not showcasing a split family, as you might initially think. Instead it shows a family who enjoys poking fun at each other.

Justin later followed up on Twitter saying, "I love both my dad and brother, this was all in good fun!"

"I'm super proud of my brother, and I know he is proud of me, too," he continued. "My dad couldn't be more thrilled for the both of us and only printed this sign with my consent."

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