Hate crime investigation: Vandals target Goldsboro teen's family after interracial relationship

GOLDSBORO, N.C. (WTVD) -- It's the first day of 2019 and this is still happening.

The Wayne County Sheriff's Office confirmed its deputies are investigating an apparent hate crime that targeted a white Goldsboro family because their 14-year-old daughter was in a relationship with an African-American teenager.

According to a senior detective, the Sheriff's Office is also sharing its findings with the State Bureau of Investigation.

"It just makes your heart sink," Amanda Miller, the girl's mother, told ABC11. "I've always tried to instill in her be friends with who is good to you. Like who is good to you. Make sure that you know ... it doesn't matter what color somebody is, and it doesn't matter what race they are."

Investigators report the alleged attack occurred on Thursday, when vandals spray-painted the family's minivan with a swastika and several racial epithets, including "N***** loving b****."

A second vehicle was lit on fire and sustained enough internal damage to total the car.

"I think anybody that has that much anger and write something like that and damage someone else's property -- they're capable of doing bodily harm to somebody else," Miller said. "You still wake up every day and think it's a bad dream."

Miller said her daughter, Brianna, is a freshman at Spring Creek High School and met her boyfriend at church (they've since broken up amicably). Miller added that the boy's parents have been very supportive during this difficult time.

Sheriff's deputies on Tuesday also told ABC11 they've already conducted several interviews and will continue their investigation Wednesday when they expect to look more into Brianna's social media accounts and connections at school for clues.
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