Fortnite scam: Family issues new warning for children playing online games

Friday, July 20, 2018

A family has issued a new warning for parents of children playing online games.

ABC News reports that one family discovered that scammers used Fortnite to trick their teenager into revealing personal login information.

Fornite is the popular video game that draws in over 45,000,000 players from children to celebrities like Joe Jonas and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster.

Fornite is a competitive shooting game where you fight to survive as your play-space slowly shrinks, which forces people into combat. Gamers can play with friends or even strangers, speaking with them through a headset.

It's a free game to play but, those who play are spending a lot of money on accessories for their players.

And this is where scammers come into play.

ABC News revealed that 13-year-old Jake spent over $300 of his own money on the game to buy his Avatar cool clothes and accessories.

But recently, another gamer convinced the teen to give him his username and password and promised the gamer would give him more clothes.

"I never got to log in again he switched my password and everything," said Jake.

Jake's mother's credit card was attached to the game, so the scammer had access to that for purchases within the game.

But the bad news didn't stop there, ABC News found that the scammer also killed off the teen's character in the game, in which he had invested hundreds of dollars.

"I mean I feel bad for him, so I told him its a lesson learned," said Jake's mom.

The family is now speaking out to protect other families from scammers.

"I think it's an eye opener and when it happens to you. You just want others to be aware," said the mom.