Working parents concerned about how they'll juggle virtual learning with work

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- Several Triangle parents have shared their back to school concerns on this ABC11 form, wondering how they'll juggle work with their children's education, since many districts are starting school virtually.

Allyson Fernald, of Raleigh, has two boys who go to schools in the Wake County Public School System.

Her husband is a truck driver who is on the road a lot, and she's an accountant who has to go into the office for work.

"They need to have that teacher right there in front of them teaching this work, so I don't know how this is going to work this year," Fernald said. "I have no idea. I'm so angry."

Kim Jordan, of Raleigh, is the legal guardian of a boy going into kindergarten.

"I have to work," Jordan said. "I do not have the option to stay home. I do not have the option not to work."

The hair stylist said her income has gone down during the pandemic.

"How am I supposed to pay for that childcare with reduced income?" Jordan asked. "Who's going to help me facilitate the learning experience?"

Fernald also has questions about childcare.

"They're not paying for any kind of childcare and I have to go to work," Fernald said. "I would have lost my job if I didn't go to work every day."

Other working parents have commented on the ABC11 Facebook page. Vanesa Orive Wood posted: "Maybe we should talk about how many parents need to quit their jobs to help with remote learning..."

Fernald is worried her children will fall behind.

"I feel the kids are doomed because they did virtual learning for the whole fourth quarter of last year," Fernald said.

The Wake County Public School System is working on childcare options for parents with price points from free to below-market rates. They won't be designed for all parents but will be an option for parents needing it. Details are still being worked out.
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