Wake County teens brave heat to do volunteer work repairing area homes

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APEX, N.C. (WTVD) -- This week's heat epitomizes the "Dog Days of Summer."

For those who must work outside, it can't end quickly enough.

But there are some who volunteer to work in the oppressive heat including teenagers involved in the Apex Outreach Service Project.

The project, the conception of three United Methodist congregations, is working this week at the home of senior citizen Carol Love in southern Wake County.

"This is almost like a little miracle for me because I've been going back and forth to northern Virginia to take care of my brother. And I have this 'to do' list that was outpacing the 'to doing.' And I got a call out of the blue. This group wanted to help me," Love told ABC11.

The AOSP crew is repairing the roof, siding, brickwork, and gutters on the home where Love has lived for 35 years.

Love and the AOSP adult supervisors are keeping a close eye on the kids laboring in the heat to make sure they take frequent breaks and stay hydrated.

But none of the teens are whining about being hot.

Sam Gaskell started working with AOSP six years ago and even though he is now in college, he's back again this summer happily sweating as he works.

"It feels good to come up here and work on their house. And then, you know, it helps, and we also get to build a relationship with the homeowner," he said.

Samantha Weitzel spent her 16th birthday doing manual labor in the searing heat.

"It's muggy and kind of tight, really humid. And it makes your pants and your shirt all stick to you. And it's just like, kind of just like uhhh," she said, sticking her tongue out for emphasis.

But she didn't mind a bit saying, "It's really wonderfully satisfying to like get the work done. Like seeing that we've piled up the siding on the side of the house. That's really gratifying to see that. And also just being able to help Miss Carol. I feel like all of that really overcomes the heat."

Love couldn't say enough good things about the teens.

"They are the best kids," she said. "What I've observed this week is that they've got great teamwork and esprit de corps. They've always been cheerful. Never once have they complained about the heat. Not once."

AOSP once did home-improvement projects in other states.

But the group has decided to concentrate on needs closer to home.

They provide all materials and labor for their projects and depend on cash and in-kind donations for support.

If you'd like to help you can donate by clicking on this link
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