Police looking for suspect who assaulted man at Times Square subway station

TIMES SQUARE, Manhattan -- Police are searching for the suspect who was caught on camera beating up a fellow subway rider in a brutal attack at a subway stop in Manhattan.

The incident happened Feb. 28 at about 6:30 p.m. at the 42 Street/Times Square subway station.

Police said the attacker approached the 22-year-old male victim from behind and punched him several times in the face and body.

"When I saw this video, I was shocked and crying ... scared, so scared," said the victim's father.

He is still shaken by the random, vicious attack on his son. The attacker is seen on video throwing multiple punches and a kick at the end, and then walking off.

"He's a very good student, good worker," the father said. "I proud of him."

The victim was coming home from a long day at work. He was transferring trains at 42nd Street when the attacker came up from behind.

His father said the son now has a black eye and multiple chipped teeth. And his parents are left with fear.

"Hard to believe, he went to the dentist last week and the dentist says some teeth have a chip," the father said.

As detectives search for the attacker, the victim continues to commute on the subway. He doesn't have a choice.

As for a motive, the father says no words were exchanged on the subway that night. The two men didn't even sit next to each other.
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