Curious whether your house could flood? Check this out

Have you ever wondered just how much rain we'd have to get before some river near you house spilled its banks and flooded your home? If you have - and you live in the great state of North Carolina - we've got something for you to try.

Go to type in your address and dig in. You can make that river spill over and then some. And you can watch the flooded areas expand, right down to the street that just became a river.

FIMAN stands for Flood Inundation Mapping and Alert Network.

Created by the NC Emergency Management Division of the Department of Public Safety, the website allows users to get predictive data on rainfall and translate that into river height and spillover data. It also calculates predicted damage and costs associated with various stages of flood.

Jonathan Blaes with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration described it this way:

"If you hear the stage at Crabtree Creek is going to be 18 feet that means nothing to just about everybody but if you hear 23 buildings along Route 70 may be flooded, that may mean something to you. Or flooding may occur on this street in Garner, that may mean something to you. This tool should be able to help folks in terms of when a river level gets to this extreme level say, 'Oh yeah, water will actually block this road or I won't be able to get out of my neighborhood that way.'"
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