Inflation driving up the cost to say 'I do'

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Thursday, August 11, 2022
Inflation driving up the cost of weddings
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The cost of getting married is costing couples more and some are making the hard decision to trim items, including the guest list.

Demetria Harley and her fiancé are a few months away from tying the knot and unfortunately now are cutting people from the list. They're trying to avoid raising their budget a third time.

"It's been extremely expensive," said Harley. "Everything has a service fee and a delivery fee, like two different fees. Those are things you don't expect and you don't know that until you really start to go through this process."

The Durham couple is part of what the popular wedding website is calling the Wedding Boom.

Folks who got in engaged during COVID-19 and held off on until things got a back to normal are now all trying to walk down the aisle.

The influx is driving up prices further.

Wedding Planner Elana Walker says just about everything is up starting with catering costs.

"It may go from $200 to $250 per person," said wedding planner Elana Walker.

Flowers also rising. A single orchid used to cost $18 wholesale and now it's $25 a stem.

Walker says every little thing you pick has a price.

"The more colorful you have the flowers, the more the costs increase with that," said Walker.

She doesn't think it'll get any better for brides planning to marry next year or the year after that.

"Get prepared," said Walker. "I don't think that costs are going to go down. I thinks costs are going to continue to rise and so you need to be super intentional about the components that are important."

Harley recently checked on the going rate of her venue.

"By 2024, my venue will be double of what I'm paying for to have it in 2022," she said.

Harley she says brides need to learn how to be flexible.

"I've had to learn not to be super excited about anything until a contract is signed," said Harley.