Dramatic video shows what it's like to drive through California wildfires

A video shared by the Sonoma Sheriff's Office shows the dramatic conditions responders face when driving through the wildfires.

"One of our Deputies working the night the Fire began shot a quick video of the conditions the Deputies and Fire Personnel were facing at the onset of the Fire," the department wrote on Facebook.

The video was shot near the area of Franz Valley Rd, where the fire entered Sonoma County.

The department said that the response to the fire shows the bravery of the community.

"We are proud of all who have risked harm to help each other out in times of peril," the post reads. "This is but one moment in a series of moments that will end up defining the strength of our Community through what will be a pinnacle moment in Sonoma County history. Please be safe, be calm, and be caring for your neighbors. We will get through this disaster together !!!"
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