Wilson boy recovering from kidney transplant loves to get cards

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Monday, February 5, 2018
Harrison Barnett loves receiving cards.

Valentine's Day is all about showing love, and Harrison Barnett deserves all he gets. We first told you about 9-year-old Harrison when he was waiting for a kidney transplant.

During Christmas, while waiting for the transplant, we asked you to send him cards and you all came through. He even had visitors from his favorite team, NC State. NC State football players heard about Harrison and made a trip to UNC and spent time with him.

The good news for Harrison he finally got his new kidney. On January 26th, the transplant happened and his mom, Rebecca tells me it was a great success. The donor of the kidney is Alison Kennedy of Wilson. Rebecca says Alison is a family friend as he son goes to school with Harrison. Rebecca says she so thankful for Alison as she has given her son the gift of life. Rebecca says Alison is home from the hospital recovering from the transplant. Harrison still needs to spend some time in the hospital to make sure his immune system doesn't attack his new kidney. To pass the time in the hospital, Harrison loves to get cards so if you would like to send him one for Valentine's Day, his mom says it for sure will bring him big smiles.

Harrison Barnett is waiting for a new kidney transplant and would love to get a card from you.


Harrison Barnett

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