Hackers targeting employees who are working from home due to coronavirus

Many of us are out of the office and now working remotely from home due to the coronavirus and cybersecurity experts say hackers are aware and are ready to trick you.

Craig Petronella, an IT cyber security expert and CEO of Petronella Technology Groups with offices in the Triangle, says first, you need to make sure you have a good firewall installed on your computer that blocks malware and ransomware.

"Hackers are always trying to prey on the weak and get their hands into some malicious files and trick you into giving up your password or hack into your email. You really need to be aware of the latest threats and make you don't get ransomware on your system or something horrible like that which will make you unwind all of your work or encrypt it all."

Petronella says many larger businesses use virtual private networks VPN, but smaller businesses may not have this.

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"You can get a private VPN and encrypt your traffic that way, that is a good way to secure it," he said. "If you have a wireless network, you should encrypt that and make sure the password is not something you have used anywhere else."

Petronella also suggests using multi-factor authentication.

"What that means is it requires you to enter another password or another PIN number," he said. Also, make sure your company is backing up the work you do at home. You don't want to lose all that work you're doing.
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