Trial begins for Wake County deputy charged with felony assault in Kyron Hinton arrest

RALEIGH, N.C. (WTVD) -- The long awaited trial against a Wake County Sheriff's Deputy is underway and activists say they're already weary of the process being transparent.

Wake County Sheriff's Deputy Cameron Broadwell is facing felony assault charges for his alleged involvement in the arrest of Kyron Hinton in April 2018.

In a video, Broadwell is seen with his K-9, who goes after Hinton.

Broadwell and two troopers were charged with assault after this arrest of Hinton. More than a year later, jury selection began in Broadwell's trial.

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"What we're feeling is hopeful that this trial will be conducted in a way that is fair," said Dawn Blaygrove, Carolina Justice Police Center.

Blaygrove and other activists sat in the courtroom in Hinton's honor. Hinton was awarded an $83,000 settlement in February but died from what supporters said was a drug overdose the next day.

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Before jury selection, they found out they're on the witness list and cannot be in the courtroom, which they say is concerning.

"I think that also opens the door to how this trial will run. Transparency is not just a law enforcement issue but it's also a justice system issue," said Kimberly Muktarian, Save Our Sons of Raleigh.

The judge did make it clear that this would likely be a very emotional trial and asked that if someone felt emotional, that they leave the courtroom to avoid any outbursts.

Jury selection is expected to last for a couple of weeks.
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