Wake County sheriff says gun permit processing times are back to normal

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Friday, November 6, 2020
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The wait time is back down to 14 days, the sheriff's office said.

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The Wake County Sheriff's Office announced on Friday that the processing time for applicants to receive their gun permits has returned to normal.

The wait time is back down to 14 days, the sheriff's office said.

At the peak of demand for permits, applicants experienced waiting periods up to 70 days.

The sheriff's office said it has been dealing with an unprecedented demand for permits this year.

So far this year, 47,000 permits have been issued to residents. In 2019, 12,616 permits were issued and in 2018,12,229 permits were delivered. That's a 370% increase in the production of permits.

To make matters worse, back in September, a positive COVID-19 case at the sheriff's office slowed down processing times even more.

"Wake County residents should be proud of the work of the gun permits staff," Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker said on Friday. "Despite having to deal with an unprecedented demand for permits, while dealing with a pandemic and major election on the state and federal levels, this staff is determined to serve this County with determination, dedication and sacrifice. And for that, we are all appreciative of their commitment."