Saving Grace shelter in need of foster homes for dogs

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WTVD) -- The Wake County nonprofit, Saving Grace is in need of more foster homes for dogs waiting to be adopted.

The COVID-19 stay-at-home orders closed many spay/neuter clinics in the spring leading to a big backlog, especially, for Saving Grace which normally has up to 400 surgeries a month.

The northern Wake County farm rescues and adopts out about 4,000 dogs a year brought in from rural N.C. shelters. The backlog of spay-neuter surgeries is requiring the pups to have more time in foster care so the non-profit is now in need of more homes willing to foster.

"We have an amazing foster team," explained Saving Grace founder Molly Goldston. "They coordinate everybody from puppies, brand new puppies, to our senior dogs. So, you kind of tell them what works for you, if you have another pet in the home we want to be conscious of that. We make a good match for the foster dog, and also the pet that's already in your home, kids, that sort of thing. So, some people are off work now, so they have more time. Some people are still working a lot so they might take an older dog that doesn't need as much care."

Orientation for interested foster families is being done virtually. Everything from single dogs to litters of puppies come into Saving Grace in need of foster care. The animals' circumstances dictate how long they will need in foster care, some for a few days, others a few weeks.

Foster coordinators let foster families know about incoming pups and their needs and the foster can decide which dog or dogs they can take in to care for. Goldston says even if you can't foster, you can still help.

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"Our biggest needs right now are puppy food and donations for medical care," Goldston said. "Since we are keeping everybody in our program longer the expenses are a lot more since we have to continue to care for them," she said. "We've missed out on most of our fundraisers this year, pretty much all of our fundraisers, so that's been a real challenge for us right now. So you can make a donation and sponsor a dog. If you can't foster, you can send some food for those who can."
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