You can help a local girl with special needs win a bike

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Friday, April 1, 2016
Bike giveaway for kids with special needs
Aurora hopes to receive a brand new adaptive bike from The Great Bike Giveaway

Your votes helped two local children with special needs get an adaptive bike made just for them.

Now, friends of one girl who did not win a bike have set up a GoFundMe page so she won't miss out on what all kids love to do - ride a bike.

Here is a link to Aurora's GoFundMe page

Aurora has Down syndrome and Rheumatoid Arthritis, and she desperately wants an adaptive bike to ride. Read more about Aurora here.

In a national contest of 600 children, several local children were all trying to get votes and raise money. The contest ended March 30, and we just found out Eloria and Dhruv both won duet wheelchair bikes.

We introduced you to Dhruv last week after a local Dairy Queen owner put up signs around his store asking for people's votes.

Read more here

Now because of you and the community, Dhruv's parents will be able to ride and steer the bike for him and he can feel the wind in his face, and the freedom of riding a bike even though he can't even walk.