Bodycam video released from Alex Murdaugh's 2021 arrest before trial for family's murders

Monday, February 19, 2024
Bodycam video released from Alex Murdaugh's 2021 arrest
New bodycam video shows Alex Murdaugh's arrest in 2021 outside a Florida rehab facility before his trial for his family's murders.

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- Newly released bodycam video shows the moment Alex Murdaugh was arrested outside of a rehab facility in Orange County, Florida, in 2021.

He had received treatment for drug and alcohol abuse at the facility.

The video shows deputies arriving to find Murdaugh standing outside of the building drinking a bottle of water.

The deputies allow him to chug the water before he is handcuffed.

Then a deputy pulls several items out of his pockets, including a box of Benadryl and tobacco.

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Now handcuffed, Murdaugh asks if he can take a pill prescribed for his upset stomach.

A deputy gives him the pill, then helps him drink more water to wash it down.

The October 2021 arrest came months after his wife and son were shot to death outside of the family's South Carolina home.

Murdaugh was convicted of their murders last year.

His attorneys have said they are working to appeal his conviction.

Last month, a judge denied a new trial for Murdaugh after a hearing on jury tampering allegations.

Murdaugh also pleaded guilty in November to financial crimes.

ABC News contributed to this report.