'Please come home.' Mother of Allisha Watts speaks about her disappearance

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Wednesday, August 23, 2023
Mother of missing woman speaks out
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Mother of missing woman Alisha Watts speaks out

MOORE COUNTY, N.C. (WTVD) -- Evex Franklin is worried about her daughter, 39-year-old Allisha Watts. The Moore County woman has been missing since July 16.

"Please come home," Franklin cried out in her Southern Pines home.

Through tears Franklin recalled the last phone call she had with her daughter. "She was telling me she was going out of town and it was something she had to do," she said.

That was Friday, July 14. Allisha was supposed to be back home in Moore County that following Monday, but she never showed up. Franklin knew something was wrong

"Something kept driving me to her pictures. I'm sitting here in this chair like I am now and I kept looking at that picture, to that picture, and I kept looking at them shaking. It was trying to tell me something," said Franklin.

It's now been 37 days since anyone has seen Allisha. She wants the police to do more to find her. The family said it was them that got Allisha's name listed in the national database for missing people.

"I want them to do more than what they say they are doing," continued Franklin.

And that's because she is worried sick about her daughter. Restless and wondering if she is okay. Franklin said her heart is telling her that Allisha is in danger. "She's hurt somewhere."

With no answers this mom turns to family and her community for support. It's the same support that's been showing up in Moore County week after week praying for Allisha.

It's those prayers that are helping Franklin, a heartbroken mother find the strength to push through.

"Please, please, please. We need all the help we can get to find my baby," Franklin pleaded.

CMPD said Tuesday night Allisha's case is still an active and ongoing missing person's case. The grassroots effort to find Allisha will continue next week. They're going to Lane, South Carolina to search for Allisha. It's the family home of Allisha's then boyfriend James Dunmore.

Investigators searched Watts' boyfriend's Charlotte home and an Audi vehicle parked at the home on July 26 -- that's 10 days after Watts was last seen alive.

Dunmore was also found unresponsive in Watts' car on July 18. The new warrant said he was unresponsive after apparently trying to kill himself.

He has not been named a suspect in the case.