Are Amazon packages delaying your mail?

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Monday, February 6, 2017
Are Amazon packages delaying your mail?
Some Cary residents say their mail often doesn't arrive until late at night.

CARY, North Carolina (WTVD) -- If you've noticed your mail being delivered later and later over the past few years, you're not alone. I've been flooded with complaints about late mail causing problems for regular citizens and companies trying to do business.

Cary resident Michelle Pavliv says in her Preston neighborhood mail complaints are common.

"Missed packages, days without any mail delivery, we get together with our neighbors and often find ourselves discussing, 'did you get mail today?'" she said.

When the Preston neighborhood does get mail, resident Don Young says it's late.

"It's been getting later and later frequently up until 11:00 at night," he offered.

Problems with mail delivery? Email Troubleshooter Diane Wilson

It's just not US Postal customers frustrated with getting the mail out on time. A Wake County USPS worker who asked to remain anonymous says workers are beyond frustrated.

"We don't have enough employees to get the mail out on time. It's sad because I have mail coming, and I want my mail on time and I feel for the customers," said the worker.

The worker says the issues really started when the USPS took on Amazon's package delivery.

"They put the 1st class mail and Priority Mail on the back burner, and they are so dedicated to the Amazon, the customer does not get their 1st class letters, their bills," said the worker.

The worker claims it's not worth paying for faster mail service.

"I think the customers are wasting their time for overnight delivery that mail doesn't even get out on time," the worker said.

Even though the worker says Amazon orders go out first, the worker claims that doesn't mean they always get there on time either because of the sheer volume of deliveries.

"To me, Amazon is getting gypped because a lot of the Amazon mail gets left behind and doesn't get delivered until two days later too," said the person.

There's even a discussion post on Amazon called, "Amazon, Quit Shipping USPS" with more than 800 complaints from customers.

The postal worker says similar complaints come into Triangle post offices.

"They try and call and talk to the supervisor and the supervisor won't answer the phone. I just want something to be done about it too as I'm a customer as well as an employee. I don't trust the post office to deliver my mail. I'm a postal worker, but I would go to FedEx or UPS if I want packages delivered. I know it's bad to say, but it's true," The USPS worker said.

Some USPS customers like Don Young agree.

"I just hope the post office can get its act together and get us more reliable, on-time delivery," he said.

The USPS wouldn't talk to me on camera, and they didn't address whether Amazon packages are being given priority over regular mail but did provide me with this statement:

Every customer experience and every piece of mail is important to the Postal Service. We are grateful that you have brought these issues to our attention, and we apologize to our customers for any inconvenience.

The Postal Service remains committed to providing the service customers expect. In addition to normal deliveries Monday to Saturday, the Postal Service does expand deliveries to earlier in the morning and later in the evening when mail volume is high to ensure mail is delivered to customers at the earliest date possible. We also offer Sunday package delivery for retailers paying for the additional service. We did experience slight delays following impactful storms during the fall and over the holidays, our busiest time of year. We have seen improvement in our service scores during the past few weeks and we continually look for ways to enhance our service.

We truly appreciate the dedication of our employees, all of whom play a key role in getting mail to our customers.

Customers with mail delivery questions have several options, including calling the district Consumer Affairs at (336) 668-1375, contacting the USPS helpline at (800) 275-8777, or sending a question through at