Video: While crew treats patient man steals ambulance, crashes into parked cars

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Police arrested the man accused of stealing an ambulance and crashing it into several vehicles in a Charlotte parking lot.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said someone called 911 and reported the suspect was damaging property inside of an office building on Executive Center Drive, WSOC reports.

Officers said the unidentified suspect found the ambulance and climbed in while a MEDIC crew was in the back treating a patient.

The crew and patient jumped out and the man took off and crashed into several parked cars.

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He then jumped out and started running away while holding his pants up.

He was detained and taken to the hospital for evaluation.

A woman who owned one of the cars in the crash told WSOC she hopes the man gets help.

"Thank God that me or my mom or my son wasn't in the car," Marcia Crenshaw-Hill said. "I hope he is OK. I hope he is getting treatment as far as mental health goes because that is what it sounds like he needs."