Angus Barn named one of the country's most profitable restaurants

RALEIGH (WTVD) -- The Angus Barn is a favorite stop for many Triangle steak lovers.

The iconic Raleigh steakhouse is so popular it has been named one of the country's most profitable restaurants.

Restaurant Business Magazine compiled a list of the 100 top revenue generating independent restaurants ranking the Angus Barn at number 15.

The magazine estimates is serves more than 313 thousand meals each year.

The average check is $72.

Restaurant Business Magazine also estimates the Angus Barn pulls in $22.7 million is sales in one year.

Thad Eure, Jr. and Charles Winston opened the Angus Barn opened in June of 1960 and it's still operating at that same location easily accessible to both Raleigh and Durham.

The original restaurant seated 275 patrons. Now run by Thad's Eure's daughter Van, it seats more than twice that at 687.

The Angus Barn is open 363 evenings a year.
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