Fayetteville business destroyed after fire


A firefighter was injured while he was pulling two other firefighters from a burning building after part of it collapsed on top of them.

"It's my understanding that a portion of the ceiling inside, collapsed on a couple of firefighters and he was injured removing those firefighters that were inside," Fire Battalion Commander Calvin Bishop said.

The firefighter who injured his back is recovering at Cape Fear Valley Medical Center. He and the other two firefighters are fine.

The intense flames could be seen for several blocks. Fire fighters worked to put the fire out for more than three hours.

The fire was discovered by a police officer checking businesses in the area.

"The first arriving engine was about two minutes later at 3:46 they found heavy fire involvement in the front of the structure here facing Bragg Boulevard," Bishop said.

House of R&B Owner Alex Smith does not believe his heating system is to blame.

"No, my heating, well I had heating all over. I had about five or six different heat pumps. And then I had about a 20-ton gas pack on the end of the building so I don't know really," he said.

Smith says he recently had an altercation with a woman at the club. He says when his secure team put her out, she said, "You'll never open that club again."

Officials say the investigation is ongoing.

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