UNC football players testify at assault hearing


The players gave dramatic testimony during Thursday's court hearing for the three people charged in the the case.

"A black male entered my room naked," player one said.

A UNC football player took the stand as an alleged victim. Eyewitness news is withholding his identity per our policy not to ID sexual assault victims.

The player described the night of birthday celebration and drinking - a night he says ended with strange activity inside his apartment.

"[He] put the knife to my throat, removed belt, told me to roll over, fastened arms behind my back," the player said.

But that's not all Michael Lewis, one of the suspect, is accused of. Two other UNC players say Lewis, along with Tnika Washington and Monique Taylor, tied them up and sexually assaulted them. One player said he was just playing along then it went way too far.

"I got scared and started fighting back with her -- telling her no, and the male put the knife to my throat and was telling me to cooperate," the second player testified.

The player said at that point, he had been stripped, blindfolded and his hands and feet were tied up. While trying to fight back, the second player said Lewis thretened his life.

"He told me that he didn't want my mother to come to my funeral cause he was going to kill me," the second player said.

Player one was able to secretly call police and officers arrived before anyone was seriously injured. Defense attorney's questioned both palyer's stories, saying the players are taller and heavier than all of the suspects.

The suspects have always maintained that any sexual activity that took place was consensual.

In an exclusive interview, Lewis told Eyewitness News the football players propositions them for sex.

The judge said he will issue his decision on the future of the case Friday.

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