Family buries man hit, killed by deputy


Marcus Coppedge and his family were pumping gas on Highway 39 Monday when the 23-year-old crossed the road to say hi to friends.

That's when Deputy Crystal Mitchell hit him with her car. She says she took her eyes off the road for a second.

Penny Coppedge, Marcus' mother, witnessed the incident and says the deputy was speeding.

Now she hopes justice is served.

"We want justice served," Penny said. "We feel like the officer that hit him should be charged with manslaughter just like if he would have hit her. He would have been charged with that charge."

Mitchell is on paid leave while the Highway Patrol continues to investigate the accident, trying to determine if the officer was speeding.

The Franklin County Sheriff's Office paid for Saturday's service and funeral arrangements.

The sheriff extended his sympathy earlier this week to the family and told Eyewitness News that he is responsible for what his officers do whether good or bad -- intentional or not.

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