Wakefield students honor Sadiki Young with 5k run

January 7, 2008 9:40:41 AM PST
It's been nearly one year since a Wakefield High School student died in a violent crash and now friends of Sadiki Young plan to honor him with a 5k run.

The 18-year-old died in a drunk driving accident January 14, 2007. He was a passenger in the car.

Friends have organized a run in Young's memory next weekend. They say the event is to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Alex Krisulewicz is a student who plans to participate in the 5k. "It feels great I feel excited to be a part of it, and it will affect the community so well," he said.

Young's friends have already raised $10,000. Proceeds from the race go to the Christ Church Youth Endowment Fund and the Wakefield High School's Think First Program.