SBI investigates taser death involving officer


Otis Anderson's family members say he was released from prison Sunday.

The incident between police and Anderson happened around midnight Wednesday at a convenience store on Murchison Road.

Police say just minutes earlier, 36-year-old Otis C. Anderson, flagged down an officer saying he was suffering from a crack cocaine overdose, according to a press released sent by Fayetteville Police.

As an officer tried to assist Anderson, he ran away. He was later found trying to break into a convenience store in the 5500-block of Murchison Road. Officials say as officers tried to arrest Anderson, he became "combative."

Anderson was tasered as officers tried to subdue him. According to officials, as he suspect was receiving medical help on the scene, he stopped breathing. He was later pronounced dead.

The Fayetteville Police Department's Office of Professional Standards is conducting an administrative internal investigation into the incident. The State Bureau of Investigation and detectives of the Fayetteville Police Department are conducting a joint death investigation into the incident.

According to department policy, the officers involved will be placed on administrative duty until the respective investigations are complete. The names of the officers involved is not being released at this time.

Use of taser procedure:

  1. To control a subject when deadly force is not necessary.
      When attempts to subdue a suspect by conventional tactics, including verbally ordering the suspect to surrender don't work.
        And when the officer believes it is unsafe to get within contact range of a suspect.
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