Kitchen floor gone bad


Barbara Brown says there were problems soon after her kitchen floor was done by NBH Construction. She said they did the hardwoods in her living room which looked great, but the kitchen floor is not the same story. Barbara tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "Right from beginning the grout flaked up and he came back a number of times and replaced it." Despite NBH Construction trying to fix, the grout continued to crack and the tiles shifted which caused some pieces to crack. Barbara adds, "The whole floor is very uneven and it's because he didn't not put the cement down."

More than two years later, Barbara says she was promised a fix, but the floor only got worse. She tells Troubleshooter Diane Wilson, "This last time I called 6 times in a two week period and he refused to call me back so that's when I called you and he called me right back after that. He said he will make good on it and I hope he means it."

And NBH Construction followed through. Barbara got a whole new kitchen floor. It's a floor that's even with no grout cracking. She adds, "He replaced the floor completely and I'm very very pleased with it."

Barbara is so pleased; she said she would even have NBH Construction back to work in her home again. The owner of NBH Construction said he did try and fix Barbara's floor several times. He said the problem is that her home is only on one beam which causes a support issue. He also added the reason why some of the tiles shifted and grout cracked is that they walked in the floor before the grout dried.

Barbara disputes that and is just happy her floor is done right.

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