Man charged after robbery, hostage situation


Tina Adkins says Jeffrey Deaver, 21, needs counseling, not jail time. Adkins believes Deaver is emotionally disturbed.

"I am 100 percent backing this kid up. He's not a dangerous kid. He's a good kid. He made a bad decision," Adkins said. "He needs some counseling. It really does, that's all this kid needs."

Adkins believes he is a good kid who made a terrible mistake.

It has been five days since she was held hostage in the Lucky Seven convenience store on Old Raeford Road.

Adkins says Deaver attacked her with a fake gun and a real knife. The ensuing standoff with police lasted about two hours. However, she says she still has compassion for her attacker.

"I don't feel like a victim. In fact I thank God very much that he sent this boy to me because I lost a sister eight years ago and this past year I'm still crying for her," Adkins said.

During the standoff, she says Deaver told her he could no longer stand the pain he felt because of the death of a family member. He wanted police to come in and kill him.

"He was on the phone with someone and he saw me standing off the side from him crying. And he just put the phone down and came over and wiped my tears and then he asked me, said why are you crying? And I told him. Because I didn't want him to die," Adkins said.

Deaver remains locked up in the Cumberland County Detention Center. Adkins says she does not feel he belongs there.

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