Garner wreck suspect faces judge


Victoriano Layon of Selma, is on suicide watch while he's being held in the Wake county jail without bond.

Garner police charged Layon with two counts of second degree murder for the hit and run crash that killed Wanda Altman of Clayton, and her brother Daris Hancock of Star.

Garner police say Layon intentionally drove into cars stopped at a red light on Highway 70 and Jones Sausage Road Friday night. Altman and Hancock were in the car Layon struck.

"It's probably the worst impact, as far as a car, that I've ever seen," said Phillip Moseley who witnessed the crash. "It looked like an accordion, the way the front end and the back end were smashed together."

Moseley was with his family driving on Jones Sausage Road when the accident happened. He says witnesses tried to hold Layon down but he broke free.

"That's when he came behind my car and went up to the woods." Moseley says he helped authorities spot where Layon entered the woods to initiate their search for him.

Police caught Layon Saturday morning.

They still have not released a motive. Officers say Layon did not know the people in the car.

Moseley wonders why Layon may have been trying to hurt his own family.

"I just can't understand how you could cause a wreck intentionally with your own kids in the car, knowing that they could be hurt or killed just as easily."

During his first court appearance Monday afternoon, Layon told a judge that he needed an attorney and that he had no money.

Wake County District Court Judge Jennifer Knox said that she would assign him a public defender. In the meantime she would not set bond and said that it would be discussed once he has an attorney.

Eyewitness News contacted Layon's family. One son opened the door to their Selma home with a busted lip from the crash. He said physically the family is okay. His mother, Layon's wife, kept him from answering any other questions.

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